Devonly Voices Community Choir - Harmony Singing Group in Totnes, Devon

Who are we?

Devonly Voices is a 60-strong choir based in Totnes, while The Singers Upstairs is a 35-strong choir based in Ashburton.
Choir members come from all over South Devon including Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Dartmouth, Ivybridge, Newton Abbot, Ashburton and Totnes. The choirs are directed by Vicky Hadland and co-directed by Joanna Benson.

Devonly Voices at The Dart Music Festival, Dartmouth May 2006 The emphasis is on having fun singing together in harmony. Our gatherings are informal and friendly and new members are always welcome. We even have a tea break! This gives us a chance to get to know each other even better.

Although many members have joined the choir from Vicky's Enjoy Your Voice classes, you don't have to be an experienced singer to join in. All you need is the willingness to give it a try...

We learn by ear which means no written music although there are word sheets. We sing a wide variety of songs including rounds and harmonies from all around the world, contemporary, pop, gospel and doowap. Many of the arrangements are by Vicky and Tao.

We perform regular gigs and concerts, many for charity and to support the community. Devonly Voices and The Singers Upstairs raise over £3000 each year through their annual Concerts and Cabaret Evenings in support of WaterAid, ShelterBox, Rowcroft Hospice and other local charities.

New Members Always Welcome!

Singing in 2024

Devonly Voices - at Totnes United Free Church on Thursday evenings 7-9pm
Summer Term starts Thursday 11th April
The Singers Upstairs - at St Andrew's Hall on Wednesday afternoons 1.30-3.30pm
Summer Term starts Wednesday 10th April
Cost £10

Our Easter Concert at St John's raised £705 for our local charities.

We are open to new members so do feel very welcome
to give us a try and join us for our Summer Term (drop-in)

Singing Indoors Notice

I look forward to singing with you but please only come along if you have no objection to the following:
People will have varied levels of confidence / nerves about returning to sing, and varied expectations
of how things should work. This may possibly present some challenges over the coming weeks, so it is important
that we work together to maintain the choir's spirit of inclusivity, empathy, and positivity.
With this in mind, it will be useful to remember a couple of things for our return to singing:

* If you feel ill, especially with COVID-like symptoms, please do not come to sing.

* Do not assume that everyone in the group shares your own positive / negative feelings about various aspects of the pandemic, including current safety / risk levels, lockdown, vaccination, etc.

* Please respect people's personal space. (You may now feel comfortable standing close together and hugging your friends for example, but don't assume that others feel the same way).

I would prefer that we generally steer conversation away from the pandemic situation and just enjoy our singing time together.

Why not click here and tune-in to YouTube to see Devonly Voices in action!

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